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RentalReady is a dynamic supplier of quality rental furniture. You can rent anything from a single piece of furniture to complete interiors. We provide many popular styles, ranging from traditional classic to contemporary and modern. To offer you the best possible service, we keep things simple and flexible. We deliver nationwide with no extra charge, and work closely with real estate agents specializing in housing and relocation services for expats. That’s why we can help you with outstanding service and excellent information.

Whether you’re organizing things yourself or using a real estate or letting agent, you can save a lot of money by renting furniture and accessories through RentalReady. A consistent and attractive style may be an additional advantage. We also offer household packages to supply you with kitchenware (e.g. cooking utensils and cutlery), bathroom essentials (for example towels and shower curtains) and bedroom necessities (such as linens, blankets, eiderdowns and hangers). Accessories like paintings, sculptures and other artwork, rugs and plants and electronics such as television sets and DVD players are possible as well. Your house will immediately feel like a home.

RentalReady distinguishes itself with:

  • Quality furniture
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility and expertise
  • An interior to suit any budget
  • Competitive prices
  • Flex-rent (one day or more)
  • Fast delivery
  • Flexible delivery and pick-up dates
  • No 9 to 5 attitude
  • Very short lead times
  • If desired: luxury furniture, flatscreens, etc

With our central office locations, the large capacity of our business assets and our many dedicated employees we can handle your inquiry properly and professionally. We have appropriate furniture for all types of houses. We can process your request within 24 hours, and in most cases deliver your furniture in two business days.

RentalReady for everyone!
For example:

  • Real estate agents
  • Expats
  • Home owners
  • Private individuals
  • Letting agencies
  • (International) companies
  • Property developers
  • Housing associations

We rent everything from one teaspoon to entire interiors, everything is possible.

Rental Ready easy rental - easy living

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