Solutions for expats

We know how challenging it can be to start a new job in a new city. You have a lot to accomplish in a short period of time. Maybe you have not even found the right new home yet.

Bridging the gap
If you are relocating, your furniture may need to be shipped several weeks or even months in advance. While bridging the gap, either on arrival or on departure, many expats stay in hotels. The cost of all this can be substantial, whether it is paid by your employer or yourself. And if children are involved, it increases the stress in an already hectic period in their lives.

Temporary furniture
We offer a solution which is considerably cheaper than staying in hotels. You can rent temporary furniture, to get settled in your new home while waiting for your own furniture. Or you can bridge the gap between furniture shipment and your own departure. You and your family can stay at home until the very last day, providing more stability for your children. They can have a normal farewell, playing with their friends for several more weeks.

How do we work?
You tell us in advance at what time we can arrive on the specified day, for example when you arrive yourself (or when your furniture has been shipped). We deliver and install the rental furniture. As if nothing has happened. And when your own furniture arrives (or when you leave yourself) we turn up again and collect the temporary furniture.

Easy as pie!

We rent everything from one teaspoon to entire interiors, everything is possible.

Please contact us today, we are more than happy to answer your questions!

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