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Desired style:

Classical Modern

Desired color scheme:

Light Dark Lively Summery

Basic package:

Sofa (2-seater) Sofa (3-seater) Coffee table Dining table Dining table chairs End table  Cushions

Livingroom package:

Decorative package Armchair  Buffet  Stereo/TV cabinet Floor lamp Table lamp Television set (flatscreen) DVD-player Antenna cable

Office package:

Desk Office chair Desk lamp Book shelves

Kitchen package:

Potato masher Dish drainer Dishwashing brush Refrigerator Microwave Combi microwave Electric kettle Juicer Toaster Can opener Breadbin Tupperware Microwave dish Coffee maker Kitchen spoon set Whisk (Wine) glasses Coffee cups Cheese slicer Set of pans Tableware + cutlery (4 pers.) Tableware + cutlery (6 pers.) Corkscrew Measuring cup Knife set Coasters Set of pans Salt and pepper pots Soup bowl Grater Tea glass Teapot Colander Sauce boat Scissors Salad servers Cutting board Ashtray Oven glove

Household package:

Hallstand Mirror Doormat Dryer Washing machine Dustpan and brush Drying rack Bucket and mop Sponge Window wiper Vacuum cleaner Iron Ironing board Clothespin set Laundry basket Dishtowel Kitchen towel Dishcloth

Bedroom package:

Bed + linens (2 pers.) Bed + linensgoed (1 pers.) Nightstand Pillow Linen-closet Bedside lamp Alarm clock Cloth hangers

Bathroom package:

Toilet brush Washcloth Bath towel 

Child package:

Children's bed incl. linens Chest of drawers Child seat playpen


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